Stegia develops innovative electromechanical system with the motor in focus.

Johan Stjernberg, VD Stegia

About Stegia

Stegia has grown into a multinational group providing technically innovative motor solutions. We note with pleasure the appreciation of and the value placed on our investments by the market.

Our Head Office in Västerås, Sweden, has been supplemented by a production unit and motor development factory in Shanghai. Through strategic selection of areas, we continue to expand activities in manufacturing, development and cross border sales.

Innovative solutions

With 25 years’ experience and creative engineers situated worldwide, we possess the resources required to handle large customers, large volumes, efficient design solutions and can make dynamic contributions to developing companies. With R&D in Sweden and production in China we have the best combination of cost, competence and efficiency.

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Stegia HQ continues to develop in a demanding customer segment. Our own construction in parallel with our production unit in Shanghai contributes to competence and the ability to handle larger volumes – important strategic advantages.

We value our close business partnerships with suppliers of good repute and we provide cost-effective concepts. Every customer has the freedom of choosing the optimal motor solution.

Management System

Stegia has a well implemented Management System that impregnates the whole business. Our global presence demands that our employees and business partners take responsibility, both for the environment, themselves and others. We have developed a Code of Conduct that states some obvious, but till important rules for us all to follow. We also work systematically with management, monitoring and improvement of our business to minimise our environmental impact.

The Management System is certified by SFK according to both ISO9001 and ISP14001. Also, the Management System is pursuing to follow the ISO26000 guidance.

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Stegia's electric motors are used for gas control in the new Kawasaki Z1000 R
Tommy Lindberg, VD Kawasaki

From idea to innovation

Our expertise and long experience from every kind of industry gives us a unique opportunity to offer an optimal solution regardless of the circumstances. We have the technical expertise to respond and tailor a solution suited to your unique needs. Whether it is a short project with a motor replacement, or a longer development project, we adapt the solution to you.

We create innovative solutions to customers worldwide with manufacturing in Västerås and Shanghai

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