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Stegia can help you with every step of your project – from idea to massproduction.


Stegia’s R&D department can help you with questions regarding our catalogue range, such as motors, drive electronics, servo systems, encoders and power supplies. We can also quickly modify our products.



The first step in the process is for us to meet. Together we examine and discuss different types of solutions for the product or the design. Thanks to extensive experience from a wide range of customer segments, we have the expertise to find the solution that will be best for realising your particular idea. We value quality and efficiency – we know how important it is that it both goes fast and is done right.


Let us introduce you to our experts in electronics, mechanics and software! Stegia’s development engineers design and construct both their own products and products based on the customer’s demand. With our high-tech test equipment, we can carry out tests and verify the products that are produced to ensure that they maintain the quality that we always strive for in all projects.



The next step in the process is to produce working samples that are based on the functional requirements the product should be able to handle. The prototype is carefully reviewed and adjusted to ensure that everything works as intended. This is so that production will flow efficiently and to prevent delays and unnecessary costs at a later stage.



In the last step, we make the tools needed to manufacture the product. Close and deeply rooted cooperation with our subcontractors makes it possible for us to ensure high quality and avoid limitations that can arise with external suppliers.
Typically, a preproduction series is made in Västerås in preparation for mass production in Shanghai for the most cost-effective production and distribution solution.


OEM - Steering damper

"How we helped Öhlins Racing"

How we optimized the steering dampers. Our joint work with the EC adjuster assembly steering damper for motorcycles began as early 2008. Together, we have developed and also further developed…

We create innovative solutions to customers worldwide with manufacturing in Västerås and Shanghai