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Research and Development

A motor system normally involves a motor, drive electronics (with software) and surrounding mechanical parts such as a gearbox. The Stegia R&D team consists of engineers with Electronics, Robotics and Mechanical background. At Stegia we can help you at every step of your project, from initial idea to mass production. We are experts in Stepper-, Brushless DC- and brushed DC-motors systems up to 1kW and some of the engineering services we provide are:

  • Specification of requirements / documentation
  • Electronics design
  • Embedded systems with a focus on motor control
  • Mechanical design

We have over the years gathered a lot of knowledge of motor applications from working closely together with our customers in many different types of products, from different market segments such as Automotive, Medical, HVAC, Telecom and general industry.

The Stegia R&D department can help you with questions regarding an existing off the shelf product such as motors, drivers, servo products, encoders and power supplies. We can also quickly modify our existing product if a special type of shaft or similar change is necessary.

Have a look below at a selection of projects where the Stegia R&D team have been involved and contact us for further information!


Reference Projects


Bioprocess Control

Bioprocess Control