Tillbaka till Hybrid Stepper motor

Anti-corrosion stepper motor

Stepper motor with protective coating on the surface by special processing technology, can effectively prevent rust and corrosion.

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Anti-corrosion Hybrid Stepper Motor

  • Corrosion resistant coating inside and outside
  • Withstand salt spray test for long durations
  • Widely used in aircraft, ships, automobiles, antennas, solar equipment, etc

Part NumberTorque CurvesFrame SizeLength (mm)ConnectRated Current (A)Holding Torque (Nm)Winding (Ohms)Detent Torque (mNm)Rotor Inertia g cm²Motor Weight (kg)
MS17HD2P 4200-10NEMA 1739.8Plug20.431.0415570.28
ML23HS8P4150-02NEMA 2355Plug1.51.253.1322150.6