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Environmentally friendly heating of train switches

With 60% lower energy consumption than conventional methods

Many disruptions in rail service during the winter are caused by snow and ice in the railroad switch system. Yesterday’s solutions for heating the switches are inadequate and cannot cope with the problems that inevitably occur in the winter. They consume large amounts of power while parts of the switches do not heat up enough and large amounts of heat are lost in the air.

Tomorrow’s heating of the railroadwitch system

Indheater offers the heating system of the future. With innovative induction technology, the switches are heated up to 100C in just eight minutes. The heat is distributed in a way that keeps the switch dry and prevents it from freezing again. Individually controlled radiators ensure that the energy is used at the right place in the switch for a highly efficient solution. Indheater’s heating system has an energy consumption up to 60% lower than conventional solutions.

Stegia AB and indheater have been working together for many years and we are proud that indheater is officially part of the Stegia Group today. With our technical expertise and world-wide contacts, we will take indheater to the next level.

Keeps the train on time – indheater inductive pad.


Rapid heating. Heat is immediately generated to the designated surface with minimum delay. Individually controlled heat elements secure that the energy is used at the right spot of the switch.

We create innovative solutions to customers worldwide with manufacturing in Västerås and Shanghai