Stegia Shanghai


With a factory in Shanghai, we can offer cost-effective manufacturing and a competitive alternative. With our own design from the head office in Västerås together with the company’s production unit at Stegia Shanghai, we can offer a high level of expertise and the ability to handle large volumes.

At Stegia Shanghai, we manufacture state-of-the-art electronic and electrical equipment. We are specialists in the development and design of OEM assemblies, cabling and motor manufacturing. We can quickly deliver high-quality customized solutions that increase productivity by reducing assembly time and error rates. This way, we safeguard the expected electrical and mechanical performance.

Streamlining the process

Many of our customers have a large market in Asia, which makes it important for us to have a local presence. With our own factory in Shanghai, we can be present throughout the work process, which both streamlines and adds a smoother process. Stegia factory in Shanghai follows the work processes and procedures that ensure that the products and services that we perform or produce meet the high quality standards expected by our customers and certification bodies.

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