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New drive motors solve old problems


Stegia has developed two completely new product groups with the latest technology: Hypergear and Hyperdrive.

“There has actually never been anything on the market that is as flexible as customers want. Until now,” says CEO Johan Stjernberg.

The market has always set high standards on compact design and efficient operation, as well as devices that can be used in several different applications. So far there have been no solutions that met this need. Stegia has therefore developed two completely new product groups to fill that gap:

“We could no longer just look on, but decided to start designing motor gearbox electronics that have everything the market is looking for and then some. The result was a patented solution, Hypergear. With this momentum, we took the opportunity to introduce the same technology in other drive motors that we have, which became the Hypermotor series,” says CEO Johan.

The products focus mainly on the HVAC and factory automation industries, two markets that Stegia sees great potential in.

“Stegia is an innovative company with its own electro-mechanical development focused on the motor. As well as a wholly owned subsidiary in Shanghai with OEM, cable harness & motor manufacturing.”

The products make the customers’ processes more efficient and environmentally friendly and therefore more competitive in the long run. They are also smart and communicable, to fit into the modern factory environment with its requirement of online solutions. Precision has been the guide word in the development work:

“The higher the precision, the better the efficiency. This is true whether controlling air, water or hydraulics. For example: In the past, there were carburettors, resulting in good engines, but an inefficient fuel consumption. Modern cars instead have an extremely advanced injection system that measures and controls every single drop in the flow. This provides full control over what is happening. This is exactly how we think, although with drive motors. He who has the most control, has the best efficiency,” concludes Johan Stjernberg.