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For our HVAC customers, Stegia develops intelligent high precision drive systems with high quality and innovative design.

Stegia takes the ventilation industry to the next level

For companies in the ventilation industry and heating and cooling for hydronic systems, we develop and manufacture rotary heat exchangers, damper valves, rotary valves, actuators, and thermostatic valves. Our products Hyperdrive and Hypergear are innovative, energy-efficient, and flexible high precision drive systems tailored for companies looking to maximize their HVAC efficiency.

Silent and energy-efficient in operation

Our products are equipped with smart designs that make them silent and energy-efficient in operation. Stegia’s heat exchanger motor Hyperdrive is a compact solution for operation of rotary heat exchanger. We are offering a product with integrated electronics which can be operated by fixed speed, 0-10V speed control and/or Modbus communication. Our Modbus communications are verified and compatible with Siemens Climatix control solutions. 

The Hyperdrive series offers several standardized configurations as well as unique solutions tailored to your operations.

High quality and long lifespan

Hyperdrive’s direct drive solution offers a much longer lifetime than traditional rotary heat exchanger motors. Additionally, our products have a sustainable design with a low carbon footprint.

Innovative design with precise positioning

Hypergear is the next-generation air damper actuator. It features a patented solution with stepper motor technology and outstanding position accuracy. With 1000 positions over 90°, Hypergear opens up entirely new possibilities for precise positioning. For smart communication, Modbus RTU is integrated into the unit, and it is also optional to control the units with 0-10VDC.

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Our motors

Heat exchanger motor

Stegia Hyperdrive – Heat exchanger motor is a compact solution for operation of rotary heat exchanger. Our Hyperdrive series are offering a full standard program as well as customized solutions.

Damper actuator

Hypergear is the next generation air damper actuator. A patented stepper motor technology solution with outstanding position accuracy. Smart communication Modbus RTU is integrated in the unit, it is also optional to control the units with 0-10VDC.

Linear motor

Linear motor in a large selection of models in standard format as well as customized versions. Typical applications for our linear actuators are valve control, ventilation dampers and hydraulic actuators.

We create innovative solutions to customers worldwide with manufacturing in Västerås and Shanghai