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Find it difficult to get started with your stepper motor project?

Fear no more, the Stegia Stepper Motor Evaluation kit will get you spinning your motor in a couple of minutes, without the need of writing any software.

This board can power any 2-phase bipolar stepper motor with currents up to 1.6A RMS with a 50mA resolution. The board is equipped with a display and intuitive navigation scroll wheel for quick and easy navigation between the different settings. This board is widely popular among many of our customers for quick prototyping, and often used for life testing of motors in their labs. Therefore, we have now made some requested updates to this product, to make it even more useful.

Some of the new highlights are:

  • Better thermal management through an additional heatsink to allow operating the motors at high duty cycles and high currents.
  • On board temperature sensor to monitor motor driver IC temperature.
  • New connectors added to support even more motors.
  • Added support for linear motors, with exact positioning in µm.
  • Jog mode to easily move a motor CW/CCW while button is held down.


We have of course also kept our standard features to run the motor in position mode, velocity mode external STEP/DIR signal mode.

We hope this product will find its way into your lab help you in your next project!