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Continued strong growth in medical technology


Radiometer, a key customer for Stegia since 2004, has now signed a 3-year framework agreement worth 30M with stegia as supplier. “We will continue to develop our business with radiometer and provide engineering support for their new machines.” – CEO of Stegia AB, Johan Stjernberg.

Radiometer develops, manufactures and markets solutions for blood sampling, blood gas analysis, transcutaneous monitoring, immunoassay testing and the related IT management systems.

“As a pioneer in blood gas testing, we aim to help healthcare providers make diagnostic decisions that save lives through the work we do and the products we offer” – Radiometer.

Radiometer’s products and solutions help diagnose and treat critically ill hospital patients by providing fast and accurate information on a variety of parameters. Their analyzers, monitors, systems and software are also used in blood banks, offices of general practice and clinics for screening and treatment of various conditions.

Stegia’s ambition is to continue to develop within the challenging medical technology industry. “Our own design in parallel with our Shanghai production unit contributes to the expertise and ability to handle larger volumes – important strategic advantages. We value our close business partnerships with our suppliers and always strive for the highest quality. Every customer has the freedom to choose the optimum motor solution.

It is especially important during these times for us to focus on our customers in the medical technology segment. At present, we supply motors for, among other things, laboratory pumps, ZEISS microscopes and insulin pumps. To take one example, we supply motors to Baxter, which is a customer in our medical technology venture. Baxter, in turn, manufactures dialysis machines that have been designed to help healthcare professionals feel safer when using CRRT and other organ support treatments. ” – Johan Stjernberg.