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“Smart heat exchanger motor”

Heat exchanger motor

Customer: Ensy

Ensy`s business started in 1903. Over the years the firm has delivered heating and ventilation products for indoor environments to the Scandinavian, European and Russian market. Products have been delivered under brand names such as Pyrox, Frico, Systemair and Villavent to name a few.

Why did you choose Stegia ?

Our cooperation with Ensy began in early 2016, which began with a technical discussion regarding their current solution that needed improvement. When Ensy needed to improve and develop their rotary heat exchanger for AHU products series, Stegia was chosen as the key supplier in the project. The main target was to increase quality and performance requirements.

The target point that we focused on was quiet operation, energy efficiency and long lifetime. Stegia’s mission was also to deliver an intelligent motor solution with high quality and innovative design.

“At Ensy we are always looking to improve our product quality – Bogdan Bulboaca, R&D Manager – Ensy. 

Based on Ensy’s strict requirements, we developed a new innovative drive solution in a unique compact design for rotary heat exchangers. 

“With our long experience of developing innovative stepper motors solutions to a variety of industries, we managed to meet the requirements of the HVAC industry.” – Johan Stjernberg – CEO Stegia.

Since the initial project in 2016 Stegia and Ensy has expanded the cooperation which resulted in more smart features being added to the rotary heat exchanger product segment. By 2020 we developed speed control features for our rotary heat exchanger motors which gives Ensy’s AHu product series improved function for the demand-controlled ventilation.

We look forward to continued cooperation with Ensy, and together develop the market’s best rotary heat exchanger.

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